Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Super Mum: the myth

Once again the devil farts in my general direction! don't you find that when it comes to trying to make the world a better place - or at least birth a better experience for Mums and babies (lets keep things focussed and specific!) - then technology can just let you down, in cahoots with a brain that has far too many things to juggle?

The joys of the summer holidays! I don't mind them really it is just that spending time with the children interferes with the smooth running of campaigns, work and generally getting things done. I juggle childcare, rehearsing with my hubby who is to be where and when until it spins in my head.

And then I do something really brilliant - knowing the pressure I am under - I type up notes from a meeting on my return - before life pulls me off in another direction, email them to myself so I can apply them to the blog when I next have chance. But ahh, I come to said blog 2 weeks later and can I find these emails? Can I heck! - well yes - one of them - the helpful introduction i wrote afterwards in a fit of ultra organisation. The thing is I am at home where all good blogs tend to be written in the wee night hours when the house goes quiet but my mind is still busy, and the computer I tpyed everything up on so labouriously is at the office - and I am not driving there in my dressing gown!

And I just want to rant in sheer frustration because I just can't do anymore in my over crowded life! But of course I demand more of myself because because I want everything to be right. And every campaign to be effective and my personal committments to be reliable.

And so the super mum rises and falls - because as that great author of 'Women who run wild with Wolves', Estes, says - the super mum is simply an archetype and archetypes are not real and the sooner we as women and mothers realise that, the healthier we shall be. Because we set ourselves up to manage everything - partly because we have to to achieve what we want to achieve (I have to look after the kids and change the world!) and partly because we think that is what we should be able to do. But let me tell you girls - it ain't possible! it is a myth! We can do so much more than we think but so much less than we expect of ourselves.

I needed to hear that, again! I shall go to bed and sleep more peacefully and tomorow I will seek out that errant email and write another blog as planned.

God Bless to all you super mums out there - you are not archetypes - just mums like me, doing their best to make their corner of the world a better place. Take comfort and sleep peacefully, too. You are doing OK doing what you can.


P.S. As I wrote this blog, the cat came in and was sick next to me. What a wonderful way to end my day!

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