Monday, 13 September 2010

Sir Ken Morrison, former chairman of the Morrison's supermarket chain and native of my adpted city Bradford.  He started with a market stall and ended his working life with anational supermarket chain.  He is now developing his interest in farming.

I found this little bit of advice in an article I found today.  I think it is worth keeping these thoughts in your head whatever you want to succeed in - from supermarkets to birth resource centres to any social enterprise or project.  It takes and heart and soul to achieve anything worht achieving.  Heart and soul.

Over to you Ken:

1. Have confidence in what you do

2. Do your research

3. Respect your competitors

4. Expect to work hard

5. Expect to work continuously

5. No one person has all the good ideas, there are still plenty of good ideas around

6. You can learn from others - seek them out

7. Look at other industries for tips that could help your business

8. There are no short cuts

9. Application, dedication and hard work – no substitutes

10. Success is hard won

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