Thursday, 28 July 2011

I sparkle like a diamond

Once upon a time a long time ago yesterday, there was a young woman who sat on her bed looking very sad :

She was so sad her hair was lank and grey, her face was grey, her clothes were grey.  She was sad and grey.

She was so sad and grey that her bed was grey, her bedroom walls were grey, and as she looked at the people around her they were drab and grey.

In the morning she went into her workplace and it was grey and sad and unappealing.

So she went out into the garden.  And there she found a rose, beautiful and crimson.  She said to the rose, "Why have you so much beauty and colour when I am so sad and grey?  The rose replied, "I am being just who I am."

She came to some phlox standing tall and white and full of scent. "Why are are you so white and beautiful, when I am so grey?"  the girl asked the flowers.  "Because we are being just who we are."  Came the reply.

Then she came across a cluster of sweet peas.  They were lilac, and blue and purple, swaying in the breeze. "Why have you so much colour when I am so grey?"  she asked the Sweet Peas.  "We are just being who we are."  The Sweet Peas responded.

The girl walked on and came to a Hawthorn tree where she sat down and began to think.  And she reached down inside herself and brought out a beautiful sapphire, sparkling and glittering in the sunlight and in its prisms she saw pinks and blues, purples and greens, yellows and golds.  The world was filled with colour and so was she, the girl was no longer grey but sparkled with colour and life.

The girl held the prism for a while and laughter sparkled on her lips: she was being just who she was.  She placed the sapphire carefully back in her soul and continued on her way sparkling like a diamond, full of colour and life.

Radical mother, cake maker, born stroppy I was tired and worn out, discouraged and depressed. Today I told myself this story and remembered who I was.

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